Why Premium Crops?

Best For Growers:

Premium Crops, Premium Prices: One way for arable farmers to combat reducing margins is to grow premium or specialist crops. Premium Crops help growers to maintain profitability by offering a range of added value crop opportunities, together with full technical and marketing support.

Best For Customers:

Premium Crops co-operates closely with a number of key customers who have interests in plant breeding, oils and animal feeds. Our expertise, experience and contacts within these sectors enable us to tailor our activities to specific customer needs.

Rapid developments in new technology and markets for crops as food and industrial feedstocks provide farming with new opportunities.

Premium Crops is at the forefront of new opportunities, developing and commercialising new crops whilst expanding uses and adding value to established crops.

This approach ensures stability and security of income to our farmer customers, whilst maintaining a consistent and competitive supply of raw material to our industrial consumers.

Premium Crops has established itself as the leading specialist arable merchant for the UK. We provide expertise, experience and contacts to enable us to tailor our activities to specific customer needs.

The directors of Premium Crops, Nigel Bazeley, Edward Willmott and Andrew Probert have between them over half a century of crop management.

Premium Crops helps growers to maintain profitability by offering a range of added-value crop opportunities.

Premium Crops offers full technical and marketing support.

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